Thursday, March 18, 2010

Awaiting Katarina

February 2010 was busy, not just because of the usual activities, Valentine's Day, and Gabi's birthday.

Bella at her preschool Valentine's party

Gabi enjoyed helping bake banana pudding
(but then refused to even taste it).

We spent much of the month anticipating the arrival of our newest family member (and hoping that she would wait until after Gabi's birthday celebration before making an appearance). We bought a nice rocking recliner, a new bassinet, and even a minivan for the baby.

Daddy practicing lullabies

Our neighbor, Liz, hosted a diaper shower for me!

Diaper shower guests

Continuing the pictorial account of my baby bump progress:

7-month baby bump (Jan. 1)

7.5-month baby bump (Jan. 17)

8.5-month baby bump (Valentine's Day)

A week before delivery (Feb. 21)

About 30 hours or so before delivery (Feb. 28)

That last picture was taken the evening of our trip to Labor and Delivery, when I felt significant back pain and thought the baby might be coming. We were sent home, though, and didn't return until I had the baby in my arms! And now for the "after" picture:

Mommy with newborn Katarina (St. Patrick's Day)

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Cinthya said...

Ohhh my goodness! Congratulations! She's beautiful! And you already look amazing! What a blessing to have three girls!!!!!!