Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Blog

We will continue chronicling our adventures with three daughters here:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Awaiting Katarina

February 2010 was busy, not just because of the usual activities, Valentine's Day, and Gabi's birthday.

Bella at her preschool Valentine's party

Gabi enjoyed helping bake banana pudding
(but then refused to even taste it).

We spent much of the month anticipating the arrival of our newest family member (and hoping that she would wait until after Gabi's birthday celebration before making an appearance). We bought a nice rocking recliner, a new bassinet, and even a minivan for the baby.

Daddy practicing lullabies

Our neighbor, Liz, hosted a diaper shower for me!

Diaper shower guests

Continuing the pictorial account of my baby bump progress:

7-month baby bump (Jan. 1)

7.5-month baby bump (Jan. 17)

8.5-month baby bump (Valentine's Day)

A week before delivery (Feb. 21)

About 30 hours or so before delivery (Feb. 28)

That last picture was taken the evening of our trip to Labor and Delivery, when I felt significant back pain and thought the baby might be coming. We were sent home, though, and didn't return until I had the baby in my arms! And now for the "after" picture:

Mommy with newborn Katarina (St. Patrick's Day)

Monday, March 15, 2010

January 2010

I need two posts to catch up, and then we will move to the new blog. Tita came to visit us over New Year's, and the girls had a blast playing with her.

Bella wanted to ride Tita like a horsie

Gabi's turn on the horsie

Bella serves Tita a tea party

Bella and baby Hannah in matching pajamas

Tita with Gabi and Asha in matching PJs

This winter was especially cold here in Little Rock, so we had lots of indoor fun. Here's a selection of pictures from January.

Bella putting on her own shoes

Gabi snuggled with her giant tigers

Gabi dressed herself up like a princess

Bella giving a harmonica concert

Gabi skating with Daddy on her new roller skates

Gabi and Asha in matching bathrobes

Bella improvising a key to "unlock" the play door

Gabi painting the girls' fingernails

The girls on an outing downtown

Bella snuggled inside Daddy's coat

Gabi showing off the quilt on her bed

Friday, March 12, 2010


Ready to go home from the hospital

We are working on setting up a new blog, but our hands have been full this week not only with a newborn but also with our sick two-year-old. Poor Bella has croup! :(

Bella resting in the chair after a sleepless night of coughing

In the mean time, I wanted to share a few more pictures of our newest little one!

Gabi and Daddy holding baby Katarina

Daddy and his little angel


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blogging for Three

I really like our blog name, HeroicGrace. When Annabelle was born, we changed it from BabyGabriella to be inclusive of both daughters, and we selected a name using the meanings of the two girls' names. Now we have another baby, and we need to decide whether to keep our blog name or switch again. If we change the blog name, it would be nice to keep it as short as possible so that typing it in the URL field isn't so cumbersome.

We have considered:
HeroicGrace (the current name),
PureHeroicGrace (adding the meaning of Katarina's name),
MikeyLissa or Mikey-Lissa (switching to parent names, although we don't plan on having more kids)
LightOnInTheHall (lyrics from the Trout Fishing lullaby)

The blog title across the top will be the girls' names, no matter what address we use.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Katarina Lillian

For those of you not following the action on Facebook, we had our new baby yesterday! We have lots and lots and lots of great pictures, but since Mommy and Katya are still at the hospital with the camera, we are limited in what we can share on the blog. Here is a selection of the best of the best from her birthday!

Also, please vote in our new poll on the sidebar. We have to figure out if we're going to switch blogs like we did when Bella was born.