Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blogging for Three

I really like our blog name, HeroicGrace. When Annabelle was born, we changed it from BabyGabriella to be inclusive of both daughters, and we selected a name using the meanings of the two girls' names. Now we have another baby, and we need to decide whether to keep our blog name or switch again. If we change the blog name, it would be nice to keep it as short as possible so that typing it in the URL field isn't so cumbersome.

We have considered:
HeroicGrace (the current name),
PureHeroicGrace (adding the meaning of Katarina's name),
MikeyLissa or Mikey-Lissa (switching to parent names, although we don't plan on having more kids)
LightOnInTheHall (lyrics from the Trout Fishing lullaby)

The blog title across the top will be the girls' names, no matter what address we use.


Uncle Brian said...

I really like "HeroicGrace", but I think Katya's name should be included as well!

Anonymous said...

Grampa and Gramma Jane agree it would be nice to include Katya's name (Pure?). Why change the name if it doesn't? No matter what, she is precious!! All the girls are beautiful.

Christine A-T :) said...

I like the idea of a random term (song lyric or even jibberish) - that way if your family grows any more (hey, you never know) won't have to worry about it. :) Maybe a german word? Jawol!