Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter weekend

Gramma Jane, Grampa, and Uncle Brian came to visit over Easter weekend (two weeks ago). As always, the girls loved the extra attention!

Gabi coloring for Gramma Jane

Uncle Brian!

Grampa helping Bella find the "yellow"

After seeing the Avoiding Surgery post, Gramma Jane and Grampa asked if all of those pictures were taken at Arkansas Children's Hospital. They were, indeed, and we took our guests up to the hospital for a tour.

Testing magnetism

Playing bumper train

In the cave


Touching the water


Peeking through the hollow tree

We went to the local Filipino restaurant, and the kids enjoyed dancing beneath the disco lights.

Catching lights on the dance floor

We took Grampa on a neighborhood walk just before bedtime.

Daddy and Gabi walking into the sunset

Sisters riding in the wagon

Grampa pulling his granddaughters

Easter Day

Easter morning, Lolo and Lola brought over lots of food, and Gramma Jane and Grampa prepared the kitchen for a feast. The Easter bunny hid way too many eggs, but Annabelle had a blast hunting for them all morning. When she first woke up, Gabi preferred to play with Uncle Brian and Cousin Steven, and she spelled lots of words with her new letter toys. Once our friends arrived, she joined the rest of the kids to fill her basket with eggs.

Lola and Lolo with the girls

Cousin Steven with Annabelle

Bella in search of eggs

Bella cracking into her eggs

Bella and Daddy

Yay! Baskets!

Alex on an egg hunt

Gabi found an egg for her basket

Isabella reaching for an egg up high

Gabi and Cousin Steven

Adrienne with Isabella and Alex

Gabi, Ninang, and Cousin Steven

Bella specifically requested that Ninong play with her

Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter preparations

Playgroup Egg Hunt
Collecting one of each color egg at Chenal Valley

Neighborhood Egg Hunt
Racing the other kids to find eggs on the St. Thomas playground (and then hunting for our own re-hidden eggs, because our girls definitely lost that race, each being the youngest child in the two age groups)

Dying Easter eggs

Gabi stamping eggs

Preston painting eggs

Gabi writing her name on an egg

Bella found a puppy to join her for lunch

RJ got stuck in his brother's crib

Sibling hug

Alex learning to drink from a straw

All our eggs in one basket

Baking cookies

Cutting out bunny shapes

Gramma Jane iced the cookies

Gabi decorated with sprinkles

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Break: Wonder Place

Our second trip to The Wonder Place during Spring Break, we met up with Gabi's friend Veda.

For someone as active and adventurous as Bella,
she is surprisingly fond of chairs

Testing the fresh produce in the grocery store

Gabi ringing up Veda's groceries

Cooking fish in the house

Have I mentioned that Bella loves water?

At Home
We also had friends over to play at our house during Spring Break week. Isabella and Alex came over one morning.

Bella offering Alex some "water"

Refilling the water

Gone fishing!
(The little strawberry-box-converted-to-tackle-box
is full of paper fishies that Gabi colored.)

Alex playing music with a rhythm stick

The big girls played with the dollhouse

Gabi reading Isabella stories

Another afternoon, RJ and Preston came over to play.

All the kids building with Legos

RJ with Lego dinosaurs

Bella buckling Preston in the chair

Chef Preston

Of course, you've already seen pictures from the day Katelyn and Brayden came over to play.