Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day(s) 2010

So, it would seem we've almost run out of January. As always, we apologize for the delay between new posts, but Mommy has been devoting her extra oxygen to growing a new baby. Daddy is just being lazy. We will get to the rest of the best of January later, but we wanted to first show some pictures of our snow days. For all you yankees out there, yes, this is as much snow as we get down here.

Snow Day #1
Earlier this month, we got maybe half an inch of snow. We thought this would be it for the year, so we made sure to take the girls out and let them play before it disappeared. As you can see, there wasn't much, but the girls sure enjoyed it.

Mommy, look! You can barely see what appears to be snow behind me!

The snow behind Gabi is missing because she used it all to make the snowball.
(No, not really.)

Snow Day #2
Then, out of nowhere, we had another cold snap last week. Daddy managed to make it home safely post-call (post-call driving is hazardous enough without the freezing rain). The girls had school cancelled, so when Daddy got home, Mommy took them out to investigate what looked like snow on the back deck.

Bella thinks that white stuff certainly looks like snow...

...but Gabi discovers that she can't actually pick any of it up.

This turned out to be a fine layer of ice cleverly disguised as snow. Fortunately for the girls, we had some actual snowfall later that day, which turned out to be just enough to try out some sledding with our neighbors. After all, what else are you supposed to do when it's snowy and you live on a hill?

You would think that adventurous little Bella would enjoy the toboggan.
You would think that, but you would be wrong.

Surprisingly, Gabi (after initially protesting the ride) loved it.

Ooh, Mommy! I picked up some of this white stuff!

This is fun, but I'm not sure about the way it sticks to my glove.
(Our little kitten lost a mitten between the first snow day and the second.)

The next day, Daddy was conscious and ready to play in the snow too.

This puffy red jacket used to be Daddy's when he was little.

Two years ago, we built a similar tiny snowman.

You'll note that Gabi has grown into her blue vest since then.

Daddy created some artificial snowfall for Bella to dance in.

Gabi's new favorite activity is to write us little notes.
Here, she makes use of an icicle to write her name on the snow-covered railing.

Jumping in the snow with Daddy. Mommy and Katya were discouraged from doing this.

Time to go inside for something warm (which turned out to be a warm donut).