Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Hill

Gabi's class took a field trip to Pumpkin Hill at Wildwood Park for the Arts. Parents were invited as chaperones/drivers, so Bella and I joined in the fun. A scenic hayride brought us to a field of hay bales and pumpkins, where each child was allowed to select one pumpkin to bring home. (Apparently they had planted pumpkin vines, but a freeze killed the plants, so we didn't actually see a growing pumpkin patch.) Afterwards, we ate cupcakes before heading home for a bath, lunch, and a nap.

Sisters at Wildwood

Gabi ready for a hayride

Kids on the hayride

Ms. Laura (left); Olivia (right)

Girls at the entrance to Pumpkin Hill

Gabi and classmates climbing the hay bales

Gabi and Olivia running together

Annabelle at Pumpkin Hill

I wonder what a pumpkin feels like...

All three PreK3 classes

Issac hiding under hay bales (left); New classmates Samantha and Sabrina (right)

Grey and Ava

Sisterly love

Gabi by the lake at Wildwood

Carving Pumpkins
At school the following day, Gabi's teacher carved a pumpkin for the kids. Gabi loved this demonstration and came home asking to carve her own little pumpkin.

Ms. Laura showing the kids the inside of her pumpkin

Class jack-o-lantern
(Oh, Gabi. What are you doing? And get those fingers out of your mouth!)

First, Gabi drew a face on her pumpkin

Daddy carved the face that Gabi had drawn

Bella picked up the pieces

Look at this, Mama!

Gabi's finished jack-o-lantern

Pumpkin-head Gabi

Saturday, October 25, 2008

10-Year Reunion - High School

Two weeks ago, the girls and I drove to Texas for my high school 10-year reunion. Michael had a conference in Boston that weekend with all his co-workers, so he couldn't make it. (I don't think he was sad about that.) The girls always love a trip to Gramma Jane and Grampa's house, though. The reunion itself was definitely lame, but my friends and I hung out all weekend and enjoyed ourselves.

At Gramma Jane and Grampa's house

Blowing bubbles (still in pajamas) with Uncle Brian

Where's Gabi?

Peek-a-boo! (ballerina pose)

What fun we can have with a giant box!

Brandy and Melissa

Annabelle in her Notre Dame dress

Gabi playing animal dominoes

Me and my girls, decked out in support of the Irish

Notre Dame fans in the garden

All afternoon, Gabi watered the flowers and grass
and birdbath... and stepping stones... and patio

Bella was happy with Grampa until she saw Mommy

Gabi giving Uncle Brian a kiss

Playing blocks with Grampa

Gamewatch Party
We met at Syd's place for a football gamewatch party. Unfortunately, the local station elected to show the first ND touchdown and then switch to a different game, so we couldn't follow the UT-OU game with an ND gamewatch.

Gabi and Steph at the UTexas gamewatch

Bella reading to Sydney and Beth

Lori teaching Gabi how to cheer on Texas

The group at the game-watch party

Evening of the Reunion
The reunion itself was nothing special... though I suppose I could have included some pictures from the event, anyway... Oh, well.

Brandy and Gabi

Melissa, Beth, and Brandy at dinner before the reunion

Picnic at River Legacy
We met at the River Legacy playground on Sunday, a beautiful day for a picnic.

Katie and Gabi at River Legacy

Two-year-old Katie ready to slide

Gabi crossing the bridge

Amanda and Melissa, with daughters Katie and Bella

Brian serving lunch to his nieces

Bella loves being outside and getting attention

At the picnic table

Emily's fiance, Nick, is a comic book editor for Marvel in New York!

Lori, Steph, Amanda, Me (& Bella), Syd, and Emily at the park

Back home
I saw more friends at the reunion that didn't make it to our other weekend festivities. Allison, for instance, was at the reunion, but I just didn't take a picture with her. She came to visit me the following weekend, though, because one of her grad school friends was getting married in Little Rock.

Me with Allison and Monique