Thursday, August 30, 2007

Presents for Big Sister

I was concerned that Gabi would not get enough attention and feel left out once baby Anna arrived, so we asked Gramma Jane to come stay with us for the first few weeks of Anna's life. Gabi loves her Gramma Jane, but we have discovered that even Gramma isn't the same as a parent. Gabi has done very well with a new sibling in the house, but she does guard her "parent time" jealously now, especially at bedtime -- she needs either Mommy or Daddy to sing her to sleep each night. I certainly understand how Gabi feels, as she had ALL the parent time leading up to Anna's birth, but I hope that she doesn't think she is unwelcome. I bought her some presents to help her feel special, too, when all the attention seems to be shining on little sister.

Great-grandmother Mama Marcia also sent Big Sister Gabi a present --
this new book, which Gabi read at least a dozen times just in the first day.

Great-grandmother Mama Marcia crocheted this blanket for Anna.

Above, Anna is sporting one of the baby shower onesies made just for her. Last month, the mommies from Gabi's playgroup held a baby shower in anticipation of the arrival of Gabi's sister and Jonah's brother. We all made little art projects -- each Mommy decorated a onesie or a tote bag, which were the shower gifts. Newborns are so little that even the 0-3 month outfits swallow them up, so the best clothing for little Anna at the moment is either a onesie or a hospital shirt.

We moved Gabi to a twin bed, because the toddler bed was using the crib mattress.

Gabi got new sheets for her big-girl bed!

Gabi opening her "big sister" present from Mommy and Daddy.
What did you get? "Yellow!" (Silly Gabi!)

It's a game!
(Gabi wasn't actually quite sure what a game is. She expected a book.)

Gramma Jane and Daddy playing Gabi's new game with her.

We bought Gabi a counting/matching game that involves matching animal pictures and categorizing animals by mode of travel (swimmers, flyers, walkers, and climbers). She loves it! We've certainly played it many times in the past couple of days. It's good "parent time" for Gabi girl, too.

Gabi and Mommy playing her new game.

Gabi's grandparents are also thinking of the new big sister. Gramma Jane made a doll blanket for Anna to give to Gabi, and Lolo & Lola sent Gabi and Anna a package in the mail.

More dishes for Gabi's kitchen!
(also good to use during coveted "parent time")

"I'm a bear," Gabi says as she wears her new
hooded toddler bath towel (with ears!).

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Mommy pointed out that we've been relatively lax in our blogging -- since we were posting daily when little Gabi was born. The problem is that in addition to adjusting to life with two little girls, we've also decided that this is the time to finally unpack some of the boxes we have in our house (some of which haven't seen daylight since college). Regardless, we now have a lot of pictures lined up so that we can catch up. And away we go...

Just in case you were wondering how that first post got done so quickly,
here is a picture of Daddy blogging from Mommy and Anna's hospital room.

Just so you don't feel like you're missing out on Anna's exciting life,
this picture gives a pretty good representation of what she's been doing,...

...which is sleeping a lot (just not at night when Mommy wants to sleep).

We're also happy to report that Daddy was successful in showing Annabelle
the proper technique for sticking out her tongue, as seen here...

...and here! It's now Anna's second favorite activity, after eating.

Speaking of eating, Anna was eating both times the people came by to take her
"nursery picture," so we decided to just take a few of our own before leaving.

Anna is a little wiggle worm! She's still trying to eat in this picture!

A picture of our sweet baby by the hospital window while we wait for discharge.

Still waiting... still a sweet baby!

Daddy, getting Anna started early by wearing all his Notre Dame gear in the hospital.

He also still has this "proud new dad" hat from when Gabi was born.

Mommy and Anna, all dressed up and ready to go home!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Annabelle

Welcome to our new blog! If you've found us, you probably already know little Gabi quite well. Gabi's little sister Anna was born just this morning. Since Gabi is no longer "Baby Gabi" anymore and since we now have two beautiful little daughters to showcase, Mommy and Daddy decided it was time for a brand new blog.

If you are wondering about the URL, we thought that we would give some mention of the meaning of our girls' names. Gabriella, based on the Hebrew name Gabriel (as in the archangel), means "Heroine of God." Annabelle is from the Hebrew name Anna meaning "grace" and the French name Belle (like from Beauty and the Beast) meaning "beauty." Also, there are 1500 variations of "Gabi and Anna" we could have used for blog names, 1499 of which are taken (1368 are in Portuguese).

Anyway, less talk, more pictures, right? Very well then, Gabi Fans and Annamaniacs... as you wish:

Annabelle Maria, born 8/25/07 at 6:31 am

Mommy couldn't sleep the night of August 23. She finally just got up at 4:30 am on August 24 and pulled down Gabi's box of infant clothes. This made enough noise to wake up Gabi, who ran into the room exclaiming, "It's for Anna!" This, in turn, woke Daddy up. Mommy asked to go to the hospital because she was having (very minor) contractions 10 minutes apart for two consecutive hours. The OB doctors initially felt that we could go back home, but that we should keep our scheduled appointment and ultrasound to check Anna's size later in the morning. After the ultrasound, the OBs felt it was probably too risky for us to go home, given Gabi's precipitous delivery, so we were admitted to the hospital.

Mommy, Daddy, and Annabelle

Gabi had been dropped off at Joseph's house for Mommy's scheduled appointment that morning. Joseph's family graciously volunteered to let Gabi spend the night while we were in the hospital. Gramma Jane and Grampa hopped on a plane and were here in Atlanta by midnight. They stopped by and said hi before heading off to our house. Meanwhile (but not until 1 AM!), Mommy was given some Pitocin to help her labor progress and then given an epidural because the pitocin drip was making her contractions hurt. Annabelle let us know she was ready to be delivered at around 6:00 this morning, and she was out half an hour later.

Anna was 6 pounds, 7 ounces and 18 1/2 inches long. She did great as soon as she was out. Both Mommy and baby are doing well.

Baby Anna got lots of kisses from Mommy...

...lots of kisses!

Mommy insisted that we get a picture of Annabelle's hair.

Anna gives us a yawn to say that she's ready for yet another nap.

Daddy plans to teach Anna important stuff, like how to stick out her tongue...

...and how to sing the Notre Dame Victory March.

Gramma Jane came out to help us out for Anna's first few weeks.

Grampa had the weekend off and wanted to come see his new granddaughter.

Gabi and Anna:

Gabi came to visit her baby sister this afternoon.
Anna got a big kiss to welcome her into the world.

Gabi shows Gramma Jane how she can swaddle her doll Ella just like Anna.

Gabi shows Grampa where Anna's little hands are.

Big sister Gabi gives her baby sister Anna a hug.

Annabelle's face close up. Her eyes are a dark blue-gray for now.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back soon for more updates on life with our two little princesses.