Monday, December 21, 2009

Katarina Lillian

We are expecting our third daughter, Katarina Lillian, in early March. She will be baptized at the Basilica at Notre Dame at the end of April. We'd love to have you come celebrate with us! These pictures are from my 28-week ultrasound:

Katarina waving

Baby face, with not much extra room in utero

Traditional ultrasound profile

Katarina's nickname will be Katya or Kätchen

In last week's ultrasound, we could already see hair on her head! We took a cine clip of her waving, but it didn't burn onto my DVD. Everything looks good! I can feel her moving around constantly these days, and she kicks Michael whenever I snuggle next to him.

4.5-month baby bump (Oct. 26)

5-month baby bump (Nov. 1)

6-month baby bump (Dec. 6)


Christine A-T :) said... #3! You look wonderful Melissa. And Gabi got a hair cut, it's so cute! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!! :)

Cinthya said...

Congratulations!!! Baby girl #3! How exciting! I'll be praying for your pregnancy!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Sarah said...