Monday, March 31, 2008

Stephen & Lisa visit

One of Michael's college roommates, Stephen, came to see us (along with his wife, Lisa). It was a short weekend, but we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. They arrived late Friday, after Gabi's bedtime.

Stephen meets Annabelle

Daddy and Bella

Saturday morning, Gabi found two books with stuffed character animal-friends sitting in her doorway.

Gabi helped Lisa read Fox in Socks for the first time
(quite a challenging book, but they did great)

Bella listening intently to storytime

Lisa and Stephen sure know the way to our girls' hearts -- BOOKS!

Stephen then engaged Gabi in one of her other favorite passtimes -- MUSIC!
Stephen teaching Gabi how to play "C is for Cookie" (but with the words "G is for Gabi")

Lisa and Bella enjoy tea time

We then took our guests on a long walk to downtown Decatur to show them the sights.

We stopped at Scott Park to let the kids play;
Gabi and Bella weren't the only kids who wanted to play

In fact, the "older kids" might have enjoyed the playground the most...
Two little monkeys, swinging from the bar

Pirates in Scott Park

Come on, Gabi. You can do it!

Our 5+ mile walk completely wore out the little girls, who didn't even have to do all the walking! (Bella rode in her stroller and Gabi, in the wagon.)

Bella got caught under her spit-up pad and between her crib bars

Too tired to even notice naptime kisses

Gabi showing Lisa how to spell her name
(Well, at least she's holding the crayon correctly...)

A kiss for baby sister

The phone is rattling!

Gabi and Stephen's piano reprise

Ever good-natured Bella

Michael serenading Annabelle

Burp cloths make great teethers

Gabi warmed up to Lisa so quickly that she requested Lisa read her bedtime story
(I could tell she's a Kindergarten teacher!)

The next morning when I got up to my alarm clock (aka "the baby")...

"Mommy, Bella is crying."

"So I'm reading her a book."

Stephen reading Gabi yet another book
(as if to say "Don't forget me")

The Golden Baby Age:  Bella can sit up and play with toys on her own

Gabi found Horton an egg to sit on while she reads him his book

Yesterday, Gabi and a couple friends went to the movie theater to see Horton Hears a Who, and Gabi brought her Horton with her. He was definitely a hit. The kids decided to sit on their own in the row in front of us mommies. They were adorable!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Inspired by some friends, I decided to help Gabi dye Easter eggs this year. Mine don't look nearly as pretty as theirs, and now I have no idea what to do with a dozen hard-boiled eggs...

Happy Easter from Gabriella and Annabelle

This year, Easter is very early -- March 23 (and hasn't been this early since 1913!). The date of Easter is determined using the lunar calendar that Hebrew people used to identify Passover (which became the Last Supper).

Bella feeling Merlin's soft fur.
Poor rabbit gets tortured on the one day of the year that you'd think would be focused on her!

Uh-oh! Bella grabed Merlin's ears!
After this picture, Annabelle got ahold of both ears and
tried to put them in her mouth. Mommy had to intervene.

Gabi petting Merlin, too.

Easter is the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon on or after the Vernal Equinox (pretending that the Vernal Equinox is always March 21, since that was easiest for the bishops calculating a table of Easter dates back in the year 325). Thus, the earliest Easter can be is March 22. The last time Easter was on this earliest possible day was in 1818, and the next time will not be until 2285.

Bella reached for the dyed eggs, but Gabi told her not to touch them.
Gabi likes to tell Bella "no."

Mommy said it's okay; Bella can touch the eggs.

The latest that Easter falls is April 25, and we'll celebrate Easter on that date in 2038. Interestingly, the cycle of Easter dates repeats every 5,700,000 years. (Another Easter fact: the Eastern Orthodox Churches set the Vernal Equinox differently, so their Easter is a bit later.)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Birthday Trip to Little Rock

Back in February (part II)... We celebrated Gabi's third birthday in Little Rock. Here are some more pictures from that trip.

Gabi found Lolo at the airport

Annabelle entertaining Ninong and Ninang

Singing along with Gabi's new book

Reaching for Mama

Playing stickers with Lolo

Gabi had a blast at her birthday party on Sunday with her cousins (especially Julienne). Unfortunately, she was sick on Monday (her actual birthday). She refused to eat anything except strawberries and blueberries all day, and that night she complained that her tummy was full. I could tell that something was wrong... Then she threw up all over herself and didn't even have the energy to fuss. (For a little girl who needs to have a napkin with her at every meal, that's a big deal.) Poor little girl! (I mean, "big girl!")

Naptime with Lola

Chatting with Lola

Laughing with Lolo

Cheering for Lolo as he changes his first diaper ever!
Now he can babysit when we move to town!

Bella pulled off her sock for a chew toy

If you're happy and your know it, then you face will surely show it.
("I did 'your face will surely show it!' like this with my hands!")


Jenny and Andrew will also be in Little Rock for a fellowship,
so we'll be seeing a lot of these two soon.

The boys playing Wii

Keren with Shahked and Healley
We are sad that Keren and Matt (with their girls just our girls' ages!)
will be moving away from Little Rock just as we move back.

House hunting

Gabi running out of "her" closet

Peeking from the dresser nook in "the girls' bedroom"

What a perfect little backyard!

We absolutely love the style of this house...

Too bad the front yard and driveway is on a rediculous incline!
(Well, and the neighborhood is a bit further west than we'd like.)

The "girls' bedroom" in the second house had two long closets
(almost the length of the room, on either side) with cute, tiny doors.
This house is also out west, and although the front is level,
the backyard seems to be three stories below the house!

Pleasant Valley is a better location, but it has older homes...
(old enough that they aren't new, but not old enough to be historic -- so, blah)

We may not like this house as much,
but we are very fond of this baby!


Saying goodbye to Lola at the airport

Pouting because Gabi doesn't want to go home...

and this backpack is too heavy...

and mostly Gabi is sooo tired!

Sisterly love on the airplane

Listening to music on Daddy's iPod

Lullabies on Daddy's iPod help Bella fall asleep