Saturday, November 28, 2009


Obviously I'm behind on blogging, as I'm posting Halloween pictures over Thanksgiving weekend. It's been a rough few months, with all of us sick at some point and Bella and me sick almost the entire season.

Boo at the Zoo

Ladybug Bella flying in the pumpkin patch

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Exploring a fire engine

Daddy stealing a kiss in front of the pumpkin lights

Tinkerbell Gabi and Peter Pan Daddy at the train station


Raking leaves

The first of our autumn leaves

The girls love to rake leaves with Daddy!

We thought this was a lot of leaves...

until Daddy raked 41 bags of leaves in November!


Bella and Gabi riding a turtle statue

Girls with a giant Bob the Tomato

Sharing a smoothie

Jumping in a bouncy house

Playing at home

Bella rocking on Tigger

Peek-a-boo, Bella!

Gabi reading her sister a bedtime story