Monday, August 31, 2009

Bella's 2nd Birthday

Party at the Park
We had a small birthday party for Bella at the St. Charles park the Saturday before her birthday, and we invited all her classmates at her new school.

Lolo helping Bella slide


Birthday girl!

Big sister

We met a puppy at the park, too.

Clara and Bella

School Party
On Bella's actual birthday (Tuesday), Gabi and I took cookies and apple juice up to Bella's school to share with all of Bella's new friends.

Bella's birthday celebration at school

Family Party
That evening, we invited all our Little Rock family over to celebrate with Bella. Bella loved the birthday song and requested "Mommy sing 'Happy To You' to Bella!" many times, including as a bedtime lullaby.

Bella and cousin Caitlin

Bella, cousin Daniel, and Gabi

Ice cream "cupcakes" from Lolo & Lola

Daddy's home!

Opening presents with Lola

Naming each animal (and its sound) from Lolo

Bella "reading" her new book

Opening a present from Ninang, Ninong, and cousin Steven

Helping baby Belle (from Disney's Beauty & the Beast) slide down

Playing with Presents
Bella has been enjoying all her new birthday presents. She and Gabi will re-wrap each item, sing "Happy Birthday" to Bella, and let Bella open them again and again. Then they play with the toys together.


Bella loves wearing her new backpack

Both girls decked out in Hello Kitty jewelry

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Week of School

Our little two year-old is big enough to be going to school! Yes, it's back to school time for our girls.... well, I suppose that it's technically not back to school for Bella, since it's her first time to go. So it's more like "to school" for her. Whatever you want to call it, here are some cute pictures from the girls' first week back.

Bella's New School

Bella spends 2 1/2 days a week at Second Presbyterian Preschool. We enrolled her here because her drop-off and pick-up times can be managed around Gabi's, and also because Mommy wasn't quite ready for her little ladybug to be away 5 days a week. Bella has really enjoyed her first week of school.

Before the start of the school year, Mommy and Gabi accompanied Bella to an open house. The girls enjoyed playing on the playground, especially the little house with windows just right for peeking.

Bella wasn't quite sure if she wanted Mommy to go home on the first day of school, but after being distracted by the play kitchen, she was ready to run off and make new friends. Here she is with one of her little classmates, Parker. I should probably also comment that there weren't many good pictures from Bella's first day of school, due to the fact that she ran up to Mommy as soon as she arrived to pick her up. Mommy had her camera out and ready, but by the time she opened the shutter, Bella was already too close for pictures.

Bella has quickly acclimated to her new routine and gets very excited when she gets to school. One of her favorite parts of her new school are the painted footprints out in front. So much fun to walk on colored feet!

Gabi in PreK4

Gabi loves going to school. She has moved up to the Transitions/PreK4 class at the Anthony School (sorry, the website is acting funny at the moment). She'll spend this year getting ready for Kindergarten, so she'll be doing a lot more schoolwork-type stuff. She still gets plenty of playtime with all her friends from last year, though.

While Bella was enjoying her first day of school, Gabi had a special day with Mommy. One of the highlights of the day was getting her haircut at Pigtails and Crewcuts. She got to sit in a little airplane and watch Cars while she got her pretty hair trimmed.

Gabi had a get-together with her school friends the day before school started. They all met up at the school playground for a popsicle party. Gabi spent most of the time holding hands with her friend Samantha.

Never one to miss out on popsicles ("ah-sick-ah!"), Bella tagged along for the party. Other little siblings (like Betsy) also came out for the party. Just like at home, Bella lets us know that she's finished and wants to go play ("Finney! Bella pyay?"). Our little monkey likes to climb on the big kids playground equipment.

Gabi's first day of school was very exciting. She told us that her new teacher is named Ms. Stephanie. Her classmates from last year, Kate and Nathan, are also in her class this year, along with some brand new friends.

This pretty little girl is trying hard to be a grown-up, and her assignments are starting to get into big kid material. So far, they have been working on learning to write their names with only the first letter capitalized ("Gabi" instead of "GABI"). Today, she came home from school and said, "Mommy, I'm tired. We worked hard today!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

More Summer Fun

The last two posts highlighted our summer travel and many guests. These pictures outline some of the activities that comprised the rest of our summer.


Fountains at the Athletic Club swimming pool

Enjoying the water park area after swim lessons

Catching the water

Floating with Isabella after swim lessons

Running through the water park area

Little Rock Zoo

Feeding the rainbow lorikeets

Riding the zoo carousel

Bella's 2nd Haircut

Haircuts at Pigtails and Crewcuts come with animal crackers!

Bella's new haircut

Stopping to smell the flowers

At Home

Playing in a living room tent

Annabelle dressed up in "click-clack" shoes and a hat

Little Mama rocking baby Asha

Gabi volunteered to clean the kitchen floor

Gabi attended a few summer camps at school: pirate week and superhero week and art camp, in addition to "Fun, Fabulous, and Fancy" week (pictures below).

After "glamour day" at summer camp

After "cheerleader day" at summer camp

Around Town

Trains and trees at the Wonder Place

Gabi's night out with Mommy and Daddy to see Dora Live

Bella found a leaf on our morning exploring downtown

Swinging at Veda's house

Veda and Gabi swinging together

Bella at Butler Park

Bella collecting sticks at Reservoir Park

Birthday Parties

Samantha and Gabi at Grey's birthday party

Bella riding the carousel at Grey's birthday party

Gymnastics at Ainsley's birthday party