Monday, March 15, 2010

January 2010

I need two posts to catch up, and then we will move to the new blog. Tita came to visit us over New Year's, and the girls had a blast playing with her.

Bella wanted to ride Tita like a horsie

Gabi's turn on the horsie

Bella serves Tita a tea party

Bella and baby Hannah in matching pajamas

Tita with Gabi and Asha in matching PJs

This winter was especially cold here in Little Rock, so we had lots of indoor fun. Here's a selection of pictures from January.

Bella putting on her own shoes

Gabi snuggled with her giant tigers

Gabi dressed herself up like a princess

Bella giving a harmonica concert

Gabi skating with Daddy on her new roller skates

Gabi and Asha in matching bathrobes

Bella improvising a key to "unlock" the play door

Gabi painting the girls' fingernails

The girls on an outing downtown

Bella snuggled inside Daddy's coat

Gabi showing off the quilt on her bed

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Christine A-T :) said...

I made the blog!!!! Woo Hoo! I had so much fun with the girls during that week - can't wait to come back so soon! Hooray! Thanks Lissa for posting those pics - I know you're fairly busy (you know, you had a baby...ha!) so appreciate it!