Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gabi's School Party

On Gabi's birthday, she brought bubbles and popsicles to school to share with her classmates at recess.

Gabi chasing a bubble

Demure? Bubbles?
If you have a caption for this one, post it in the comments!

Ernie's bubbles

Samantha, Ava, and Katie blowing bubbles

Gabi and Jesse on the tunnel

Bella eating a popsicle

Gabi wanted a blue popsicle

Olivia's popsicle

Ava always poses well

Gabi singing Happy Birthday to herself


Louise only speaks French and seems shy.
We had her over to play one day, and it was fun.

This is a new girl -- I believe her name is Arianna.

Abrielle's popsicle-tongue

Sabrina... or is it her twin, Samantha?


Sabrina(?), Gabi, and Nathan

Nathan always wants a close-up


Kate's natural shot

Kate smiling

Ava Y. sliding down the pole

Ava M.'s turn

Now every one wants to go

Olivia riding a car

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gabi's 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday Gabi! We love you, big girl!

Gabi likes the cake Mommy baked for her...
...but she especially likes the icing!

Mommy got Gabi a new Tinkerbell dress!
Gabi was so excited about this present.

"I'm not a princess, Mommy. I'm a fairy!"

Daddy got Gabi a new game to play.
Gabi gasps, "I love Candyland!"

Bella is 18 months old today.
Our little one loves to dance!

More birthday pictures will be posted soon!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gramma and Grampa Visit

The girls and I just returned from a weekend at my parents' house. Now I am posting pictures from their visit to Little Rock in January. I seem to be eternally one month behind in my blogging. Come Wednesday, I'll have to jump to current pictures and stories, though, because we have some pretty important events approaching in this household!

Uncle Brian, Gramma Jane, and Grampa visit the girls

Maumelle Park
We spent a chilly afternoon playing down by the river at Maumelle Park.

Gabi riding her tricycle at Maumelle Park

Grampa pushing Bella on her little car


Watching her silly sister

Gabi didn't want to be pushed

Just sitting in the swing

Bella walking up the slide

Games at home were much warmer.

Gabi and Grampa playing her Sounds of the Seashore game

Bella coloring with Gramma Jane

Laughing with Uncle Brian


Reading with Gramma Jane

Gramma Jane and Grampa


Shortly after our guests left, Bella must have decided the chair legs looked like a nice tunnel and got stuck under the chair.

Since we moved to Little Rock, everywhere we go, Gabi designates a certain space to be her "new home." In our playroom, her home is the slide. (Gabi often assigns Bella a home, too -- in the playroom, Bella's home is the door.)

Gabi's "slide home"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bubble Bath and the Bunny Rabbit

Bella sitting on Gabi's new couch

Bella's new baby doll

These pictures show the girls enjoying some of their Christmas presents. They share fairly well; Gabi loves to have Bella sit with her on the little princess couch. Gabi received bubble bath in her stocking, and Michael and I gave Bella a toy water slide for the bathtub, so they love taking baths together. The girls much prefer bathing in our master bath jacuzzi tub.

Our bathroom does have nice natural light

Gabi dressed in bubbles

Another activity around the house that the kids love is feeding the rabbit treats. In addition to rabbit treats from the pet store, we like to give Merlin fresh greens from the kitchen - like parsley or carrot tops.

Bella feeding Merlin parsley


Trying to shove parsley through the rabbit cage

Here you go, Merlin!

My bunny and my baby

Perhaps you noticed that I changed the blog header. I removed the super-cute sketch Michael made of the girls last August and added recent pictures instead.

We've had some debate about which picture of Bella I should use, though. Which do you prefer?